How We Redefine Online Gallery During the Quarantine.

How We Redefine Online Gallery During the Quarantine.

All sections are impacted by the spread of the COVID-19 around the world. All consumer-facing industries are facing a steep drop in the market, and culture industries, like museums and galleries, are experiencing the havoc of loss. Coronavirus crisis disrupts the art market, and for audiences and art lovers, the virus also causes the dearth of mental satisfaction during the quarantine period. With the rampant switching from real economy to internet economy, the way of experiencing art diversifies, creating more possibilities to interact with art online than usual. GH HAUS, known as the pioneer of art-centered brand, has been working on redefining customers’ experience at GH online gallery, and we continuously support global artists to overcome this crisis.


GH HAUS works as an unrestricted bridge between artists and clients. Although everyone experiences the physical restriction and needs to be fixed at home, we always brings the online gallery and raising artists to people, who seek the mental satisfaction of art during the quarantine. We believe that art, carrying with the artist’s dialogue, is the therapy for people, either art lovers or art novices, to practice meditating within the cultural environment. The COVID-19 will never stop our motivation of designing art to sustainable fashion seamlessly, and the virus will never impede GH HAUS to convey the power of art and cultures.


 Artist: Peter Stephens

We have to emphasize our manifesto that we always aim to assist up-and-coming artists, especially during this exigent period. Thus, with the trusts from our artist friends, we present the sincere artworks directly from artists to clients on the sections of “Gallery” and “Art Talk” on our website.

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