Art can be Fashion-The conversation with Serena Bocchino

Art can be Fashion-The conversation with Serena Bocchino

Serena Bocchino has been recognized by many art institutions for her work and is the recipient of numerous awards including the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, the PS1/MOMA International Studio Residency, the Artists Space/Artists Grant, the Art Matters Grant, the Brodsky Center Printmaking Residency and the Basil Alkazzi Award, USA. The New Jersey State Council on the Arts has granted her Fellowships in both Painting and Drawing.


What inspires your work?

 My art has always been based on music. A physical expression of music. In particular with an emphasis on contemporary jazz. The actual practice of the art making is the synthesizing of knowledge and experience with everything from issues of scale and composition to chromatic arrangements and the exploration of techniques in order to realize a complete and cogent expression. All art is a dialogue between the viewer and the work. And it is that relationship that determines the impact of the work for that viewer.Similar to music, fashion is universal and reflective of the society and culture that it originates in- -“no translator needed”- and so I believe my work is like that-

How would you describe your painting style? Do you work in other mediums?

Yes,I translate my two dimensional work into three dimensional suspended and stationary sculptures.My painting style can be described as lyrical abstraction, however I often prefer not to define it because it is always evolving. I was a realist expressionist painter early on, where I had imagery in my work. However, after creating 100’s of drawings and paintings, it seemed to evolve into a more abstracted language. The challenges of continuing that language and utilizing a variety of methods and materials continues to keep me engage and excited in the studio.

hat do you think about artists’ futures?

Artists will always be. Artists are born and have the insatiable desire to express themselves through some kind of art making, be it painting, sculpture, drawing, writing, dancing performance etc. Artists are Seers and need to create what they experience into another form to communicate it to others. The future of artists at this time is exciting because with all the various ways to communicate with the world, artist’s platforms have grown and become accessible to the world very easily. Also the idea to collaborate with other creative’s is not difficult and the result is motivating and innovative.


What is your perspective of fashion and art?

This combination of Fashion and Art is a natural progression and one that has been explored by many talented designers and fine artists throughout history. Uniting these two creative and innovative areas of expression brings a higher standard to the world. Of course wearing beautiful images is not the same as being evokes, provoked or inspired by a painting however each design of clothing that utilized a work of art adds a very special meaning and look and feel to that article of clothing that would be quite ordinary without it. It enhances the person that wears it! And reflects a certain sophistication on the character of that person that wears it!


Why do you want to work with GH HUAS?

 GH Haus is a ground-breaking House, filled with an energetic vibe that understands that art enhances life. The concept of utilizing art with fashion is not a new one however GH Haus has a fresh approach  and an eye for quality that can present the combination of sophisticated fine art with a superior vogue.

The experience of working with GH Haus so far has been particularly special because of the owner, Grace Huang, who is committed to the concept of uniting art and fashion with a vibrant force that the fashion world needs right now!d an eye for quality that can present the combination of sophisticated fine art with a superior vogue.


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